Conquer your fears, forget societal norms ---

                    embrace and sing your body electric.

It is your Body.... Love it!



You may not look, nor feel like the people pictured above after your first Naked Yoga class, but you will achieve an overall, satisfying, somewhat smug and secure view of the world afterwards.

Many, or most, in our (western) society equate Naked Yoga to sex.  This could not be further from the truth; in fact, our classes are non-sexual- It's all about the Yoga!  The practice of Yoga brings a true sense of reality to ones senses while the practice of Naked Yoga forces a sense of reality towards body awareness --- the foundation from which you move.   You (finally) see yourself...and while sometimes a bit shocking, it can be freeing in a sense that you finally understand where you are; and from here, you move to where you want to be.

Of course, an easy point of view towards the practice of Naked Yoga leans towards the negative idea of spending copious amounts of money (say more than $60) on a pair of pants or a shirt just to do Yoga.  Mind you, it is easy to see many people these days who decide to wear these clothes to the grocery store, to the park (to relax, not exercise) and to visit people in hospital.  A waste? Yes.   If you need to wear clothes to a Yoga class, do yourself and your wallet, a favor and go to 'Goodwill' or the 'Salvation Army' and pick up a few items for less than $10.  And honestly, you need clothes for Yoga like you need to wear a petticoat into a shower... 

Naked Yoga is liberating, self-accepting and has the incredible vibe of reminding you of the important part of the practice of Yoga -- focus on calming your mind and embracing your body.  Leave your shame on the other side, you have an awesome body.  Rid yourself of emotional shackles -- leave your clothes on the floor and dance!